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By Afi Scruggs and Gabriel Kramer
Posted September 19, 2019

“Developers working Downtown Akron’s Bowery Project expect residents will be able to move into apartments in the renovated bank building starting Oct. 1.

It’s the first phase of a mixed-use project expected to add jobs in construction, legal services and retail…”

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Posted Nov 28, 2019 at 7:31 PM

“The Bowery redevelopment project intended to revitalize a prominent part of downtown Akron made it to the Thanksgiving finish line — with some pieces not quite over that line just yet.

Most of the six downtown buildings have met their major construction deadlines…”

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Media Contact:
Welty/Bowery Development Group
Nikki DiFilippo
Via Vera Group
(216) 780-0472

Welty Building Company Releases Bowery Project Economic Impact Report: $245 Million and more than 2,000 Jobs in Summit County over 20 years

September 19, 2019Akron, OH – Welty Building Company, the City of Akron, and the Bowery Development Group announced today the exciting results of the Economic Impact Report for the Bowery Project. The Bowery will generate $245 million in economic impact and more than 2,000 jobs in Summit County over 20 years, with $44 million and 400 jobs created during the first five years…”

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“When Don Taylor, head of Welty Building Co., envisions the late fall completion of the $42 million Bowery redevelopment in downtown Akron, he’s not quite sure which metaphor he should use.

It will be like going from watching black-and-white TV to color, he said, or seeing a caterpillar that has turned into a butterfly.”

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